Working together with individuals, groups and government leaders from across the state, region and country, CLEAN is helping develop plans that will have a strong positive impact on the future of our community, environment and economy.

Air pollution-free zone plan
CLEAN has developed a 30-year plan to make the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area an air pollution-free zone. This plan will reduce pollutants generated by burning fossil fuels while encouraging the development of local renewable and sustainable energy generation plants. This will keep energy generation dollars in our community and promote economic growth while helping reduce medical conditions such as cancer and heart disease caused by pollution.

Regional energy study
We’re spearheading a comprehensive regional energy study that we believe will show our community spends approximately half a billion dollars annually on energy. This not only sends money out of our community, but when petroleum prices increase, our economy suffers through increased transportation costs, higher heating and cooling bills, and reductions in consumer buying power.

Transit systems improvement
We’re strong proponents of an efficient and low-cost transit system using hybrid and EV technology. We are working with municipalities to show the advantages of this approach, which include reduced maintenance costs and lower fuel costs.